What can be achieved by merging one of the best software platforms with an exclusive online casino, is sheer excitement that is what.

Only at the Golden Riviera Casino from Microgaming itself, you may take part in a horse racing tournament that will keep you on a high level of adrenaline rush. Just in April of 2014, every single player has the unique opportunity to get a share of the €10.000 in total.

The tournament will run for 4 long weeks, since March 31st until April 27th.

10 000 Microgaming Slots Tournament

Each weekend there would be an elimination process undertaken that will exclude 50% of existing players to determine the final 100 of those who will be ultimately rewarded with an individual prize share.

This particular tournament will be hosted by the thrilling Sure Win video slot, which follows the ever so popular horse racing theme, not only for the genre enthusiasts. The application is based upon 25 different pay lines and includes 5 separate reels that speed up the gaming mechanism.

There are also three unique Free Spin systems that follow:
– 12 free spins + 4x multiplier,
– 16 free spins + 3x multiplier,
– 24 free spins + 2x multiplier.

To give the horses an initial boost, keep practicing Sure Win till you feel really comfortable with the game. Remember, that you have only four weeks until the tournament stops so keep looking for April to finally begin, when you will be able to win a nice share from the €10K that awaits.

Sure Win may definitely assure your winning position, no matter on which black horse you bet.

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