Gather your things and venture off to the unknown, beware however of the dangers ahead that still await the ones who underestimate their opponents. During the Highnoon Payoff, many will try to get the bounty of €140,000 that has been credited for capturing one of the most elusive criminals on the western frontier.

Here at Royal Vegas casino however, it is all about fun and games, so much that nobody will get hurt, but many are going to get rewarded instead. One can always win guaranteed credits during each week of this campaign and it will last for about four weeks, from the 3rd until the 31st of August. If you wish to partake in this grand expedition, then just head on to the online casino lobby and Spin the Wheel, spin it like no one has ever before and get the bag full of bounty that awaits you later.

Play seven days a week, where Day 1, 2, 3 and 4 provide guaranteed credits. Playing on days 5, 6 and 7 gets you multiplied results, all thanks to the outcomes received previously, for the wheel is always most generous to the ones that have been active. Players who wager on every additional day will have a chance to spin the wheel one more time, whereas each of these spins may grant some extra credit to the total amount accumulated during the entire week.

Highnoon Payoff

Be mindful, that before the wheel unlocks, you have to play and wager for at least the first four days of a week, so that your credits could be awarded if the opportunity allows for it. The number of credits can be still multiplied by a certain ratio of up to even 1.6x, just as the wheel predicts this further.

Those who would like to make the most of it, have to simply partake on at least the four days during the event, while the next three can still provide additional chances at making better progress. Spin the Wheel and get a share of the bounty or just have a good time, regardless of the consequences this time is always worth the effort made. The stakes are rather high at Royal Vegas, with a €140,000 in the total bounty, so do not waste any more time but head on to the casino right away.

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