Vera&John is a well known pair to all the seasoned gamblers that prefer the pleasantries and superiority of digital compartments like this fine casino website. During the challenges ahead, there comes a time to enjoy yourself and give in to the entertaining part of this experience that will certainly prove most satisfying. With the holidays just around the corner, the players will come up to enjoy the exciting new competition, which can really change the current financial status for the better.

An astounding amount of €25,000 awaits all those who will participate in the December gaming session, where even 25 players can walk back home with quite the sum for spending. By simply earning special coins at the online casino, much can be achieved, as these points are being amassed in order to break into the leaderboard. The total prize pool of $25K will be divided among the top 25 players, accordingly to the places they are going to take in the end.

Cash Coin Challenge

* The top 25 list of players will be constructed from the coins amassed during the competition

1st Place €5,000
2nd Place €3,500
3rd Place €2,500
4th Place €1,500
5th Place €1,000
6th – 15th Place €750
16th- 21st Place €500
22nd- 25th Place €250

* This promotions is valid during the time of December 1st 2014 and December 31st 2014

* Activities that contribute toward gathering the coins are featured in the detailed description of terms

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