The Black Diamond Casino is constantly improving its bonus program, so that the rewards system could always bring the players more ways to play and more winnings to win. But winning is not everything, of course, and so this whole experience is only going to improve things exponentially; with every spin taken, and every coin spent on the bets placed at the tables – everyone involved will surely reap some fantastic prizes. The online casino is currently in the early stages of the Cash Craze; a €100,000 Giveaway lasting for the entire duration of September. The Cash Craze €100,000 Giveaway is going to provide an extra amount of cash and a quick boost to your current progress, by simply letting you play such games as Gold Canyon, Faerie Spells, Charms & Clovers.

For every €1 wagered on the games, the players will receive 1 tournament point – which in turn should get them even closer to the top of the leaderboard. The higher the position, the better the reward of course, so that could already prove to be an exciting challenge to complete and come out victorious at the end. Don't be afraid of taking risks, but remember that everything must be taken with consideration, so when the fun stops; make sure to stop too and take a break, before returning and playing some more of these excellent games. The Black Diamond Casino has more games than one can possibly imagine, and it would take some time to check them all out at least, but if you're not in a hurry – then follow your instincts and try as many of them as possible. Certain terms and conditions are going to apply, and the full list of those can be ultimately found on the Black Diamond's official casino website.

Black Diamond Casino

Promotion: Cash Craze

Giveaway: €100,000

Duration: 1-30 September

Eligibility: Auto-Enrollment

1 Point: every €1 wagered

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