There is always time for celebration, especially with different numbers that mean something very important. Such would be the case with any kind of birthday, which is represented by the number of years a person has been living already since the day of birth. At Guts Casino on the other hand, players can participate in a different celebration, one that will mark a historical milestone in the gaming experience of this online casino platform, providing the players with extraordinary means for winning grand prizes.

The Live Roulette has always played a crucial role in the general sector of casino related activities, which is no wonder why Guts would now like to celebrate the 125,000th spin that will take place very soon indeed. The live casino games section is powered by the highly advanced Evolution technology, a visionary software suite that makes the games look great and provide highly efficient options for betting and overall fluency of the gameplay.

Live Roulette Celebration

The casino players will now have an opportunity of placing their bets on any live roulette tables provided here at Guts and once the 125,000th spin finally comes to pass, those who have made their bet during this exact spin are going to receive a share from the main prize of €1000. Though this occasion can only happen once and not everyone will have this privilege of hitting the spot with their bets, Guts Casino would also like to propose an addition to this promotion, one that will provide another cash prize to be drawn during the sole process of placing bets.

Each amount of €100 wagered on the live roulette games will generate a single ticket for the draw, where the main prizes would be distributed accordingly to the place held after the drawing has come to an end.

1st place = €100

2nd place = €75

3rd place = €50

4th place = €25

5th place = €10

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