The Roulette is a famous casino game of choice. Now it is a popular online game, where you can optimize your profits by playing with several systems. The game can be played directly from a browser, all thanks to the Flash technology.

In the case of a download, you must first register at the casino in order to fully appreciate the content, yet the game play is still free. Blaise Pascal, the philosopher, invented the first roulette wheel back in 1655, in an effort to built a device that could not lose the momentum. Thus the roulette was born, from a concept of a perpetual motion machine. After two centuries, Francois and Louis Blanc, altered the wheel and set up a casino game, based on the principles we know.

The altered colors of red and black, a green zero socket and the numbered pockets from 1 to 36, were made. Roulette is a simple enough game to understand it very quickly. It is played on a roulette table with a roulette wheel. The players predicts the numbers on which the spinning ball will land. There are three main variants of roulette: French, American and European. The French and European versions have 37 slots, as the American version has 38 slot.

The players can bet on the colors, if the numbers are even or odd and the numbers themselves. Every online casino offers many variants of Roulette. All the providers have a few options regarding the game. There is also a live roulette, which you can play at a live casino in a real time mode.