This month at Slots Heaven, the players will be briefed with a secret mission to find the wanted character, codename: Jack Potts. He is hiding somewhere in the casino lobby, and by spotting this person of interest you may recover many of the secret codes that are being carried by him.

If you have never been on a quest like this, then head on to Slots Heaven and register now to become part of the assault team. Even for those who are relatively new to online gambling there will still be much of special content to get you on your feet.

By signing up with the brand, you may get the 200% match bonus for the first deposit, that will instantly boost your account for what is yet to come. April is just the defined period of time in which you are able to find the elusive man – Jack Potts, after that he will probably disappear in the vastness of cyberspace.

Slots Heaven April Promotion

He has taken over some of the most important control codes that trigger free bonus and match bonus incentives, which you are now able to take over. These codes are programmed to be valid only for 24 hours, so you have little time to use them after they have been received.

Simply input the string of numbers into the cashier window and you will instantly receive the bounty. The promotional campaign that has ordered the mission, requires of you to clear a 40x wager first, before you may get a hold on to your reward. This will be crucial to withstand, so be mindful to study the terms and conditions first before venturing forth.

After that you are going to successfully become a member of the gambling organization, responsible for safekeeping of the secret bonus offers. Remember, that you have only till the end of April the 30th this year to apprehend Jack Potts and recover the stolen goods.

How It Works:

Log in to your casino account and find Jack Potts.

When you spot him he will have something special for you to use on that day.

This mission ends at: 23:59 (GMT) on Wednesday 30 April 2014

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