Those who do not believe the commonly shared stories about a pot of gold that awaits at the end of a rainbow, will now think twice before dismissing this wondrous tale after all. It may not be an actual rainbow that directs you to such treasure, but a path that leads straight to the Platinum Reels, a fabulous online casino that wishes its players all the best of luck in finding the true prize that is now available during the following campaign.

This uncanny promotion would be called St Paddy's Rewards and is planned to be held by this casino between the 7th and the 16th of March 2016. There is a total sum of $10,000 provided in multiple bonus rewards and astounding prizes, which are sure to bring a smile on every single face. There is a huge flat screen TV waiting for the first place achieved in this competition, an iPad tablet that goes to the second one and a new iPod that was assigned to the third position.

St. Paddy`s - March 2016

Follow the example of many successful players before you and climb up the leader board to grasp the prizes that are so eagerly distributed by the casino. One may certainly do that by wagering all the way to the top and looking out for the special shamrock icon that will appear in the form of a lucky four-leaf clover, which might add some bonus rewards, possibly double or even triple them at best. Accumulate as many points as you can with actual wagers made during the period of this promotion.

Each 10 points can be earned by a different amount wagered, depending on what games one chooses to do it in the end, so the current requirements would be: $500 on Craps and Blackjack, $100 on Video Poker and Baccarat, $20 on Three Card Poker and Roulette, $10 on Scratch Cards, Keno and Slots, of course. That would be probably it, but be mindful that terms and conditions set forth by this online casino might abide at any stage of this campaign, including the fact that most if not all of the prizes cannot be exchanged for money, at any rate. Platinum Reels does not take breaks however and it already plans its next great event – the Easter Bash.

This Central Park Easter Bash will be kicking off really soon, as on the 17th of March and end on March the 28th, this year. Players may get a chance to look for special platinum Easter Eggs, which would be hidden at an area chosen by the casino in charge. Inside these gifts will be daily bonus prizes which can also carry detailed instructions on how to access such offers in the first place. That and more will be provided by the Platinum Reels casino this month.

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