The pure joy of playing online games comes not only from the base of how their mechanisms operate but also the interesting foundations of how they have appeared throughout the online casino operators around the entire internet. It is coming to the challenge of wits and skill but luck is also needed if you are due to make progress. As a new tournament rises to create an opportunity for you into establishing yourself as a player but most importantly as a winner, this occasion especially may prove such point already.

The newest slot game from the eponymous ELK Studios software company is currently being launched at various online casinos, including the Redbet website. Such an interesting game that features a colorful theme with all the necessary features like the optional reels and multiple pay lines is all about the sheer fun of it, which now with the additional tournament competition is going to produce very likable odds. Redbet Casino will be happy to announce a long tournament session that is going to run for 17 consecutive days, with all its glorious competitions set out to be held on the Taco Brothers slot. Starting today, the tournament will be active until the 30th of September, along with a special promo page launched for this special occasion. It will also include a special leader board for all the players to follow, where they also can find any other detailed information of this kind.

Taco Brothers Slot Tournament

Featuring the gameplay, players can amass points on the hosted game, where the minimal bet of €0.30 would to the trick (1 round = 1 point), with the most game rounds actively pursued. The next part of this tournament will be all about the highest number of bonus rounds that have been triggered throughout the sessions. It is also worth noting that points for this game can be earned through desktop and mobile gameplay. Both of these parts involved with the tournament are going to have a different set of prizes, which can be presented in the following order:

Most Game Rounds tournament prizes:

1st: €500 – cash
2nd: €300 – cash
3rd: €200 – cash
4th: €150 – cash
5th: €100 – cash
6th-15th: €50 – bonus
16th-25th: €25 – bonus

Prize pool = Cash: €1250 / Bonus: €750 / Total: €2000

Most Bonus Rounds triggered prizes: – Apple Watch

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