A very special feature was launched at the William Hill games parlor. It is called the Bonus Bar and it will be assisting you with the ongoing level of gaming activity.

While playing the games you will make the core of the bar go higher, which eventually may fill it – instantly granting you a random reward.

The prizes are being awarded automatically and it can be either of the following amounts of money: £2, £5, £10, £100, £6.000.

There are no limits to this promotion, so you can fill your very own bar as many times as you want, thus giving you plenty of the aforementioned gifts in the process.

William Hill Bonus Bar

£6,000 Bonus Bar

The available bonus bar is being presented in two distinctive options:

– Standard: the normal mode, takes less time to fill and the prize pool ranges from £2 to £6.000

– VIP: a high roller feature, requires more wagering but the final reward is set between £20 – £50.000

Take your pick now and give it a try, as you are able to win practically all of the time.

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