The Hippodrome Online Casino is celebrating its 2nd birthday, as it already has passed two years since this fine establishment has opened the doors to many players. The website is always filled with the latest games and rewards their gamers very handsomely, becoming one of the best places to gamble away and have fun all the time.

With the upcoming birthday party, now is the best chance to join the casino and take part in the exclusive competition to win a Mercedes-Benz SLK car which will be the main prize of this competition. The prize is going to be displayed at the Hippodrome Casino live draw, which is taking place in the near future at the Leicester Square.

To raise the stakes even more, there will be 2 individual Golden Tickets for the draw, which can give you the chance to see it for yourself. All you have to do is simply wager an initial deposit of £/$/€20 on any casino games and you will be given a special ticket eligible to get the Golden one.

Mercedes promotions at Hippodrome casino

This can be done only before the 10th July, so you have still some time to receive as many as you can. More of them can increase your chances at winning so consider this an extra opportunity to get what you deserve so much.

The live draw is going to happen on the 17th of July 2014, where all will be decided as to who may drive the brand new car back home. The whole campaign period will span from June 21st till the 10th of July. The total number of tickets is equal to 37 and they all are being reserved to become available at the main event.

Raffle tickets can always be acquired by a £/$/€20 wagered on the online games. More information can be obtained through the themed section of the webpage, where promotional terms are being stored. Become familiar with the casino and start enjoying the many ways to expand your gaming profile. After all, It is only once in a lifetime that someone can celebrate the 2nd birthday.

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